10 Amazing Ways to Get Shiny Hair

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10 Amazing Ways to Get Shiny Hair

Shiny hair does more than make you look great in selfies—it actually signals the current state of your health. Psychology Today recently explored how attraction is connected with a healthy figure and certain other physical traits. As it turns out, the shine of the hair communicates health just as much as hair length and body. Enjoy the benefit of an instantaneous self-esteem boost through these 10 amazing hair care tricks!

1. Apply coconut oil

If you’re a cook, you may tend to cringe a bit when you hear the term “coconut oil.” Many fantastic recipes call for coconut oil, but that usually means an expensive receipt from the grocery store. If you want to use coconut oil to boost hair shine, do what many women have done for centuries in India—go to natural food stores that sell coconut oil at a much lower price. I once found a 14 oz. bottle at an Indo-American store for two dollars! You’ll certainly never look at expensive “Moroccan/coconut oil” shampoo in the same way.

2. Use the Argentina aloe trick

According to In Style, many people slip a little aloe vera into their shampoo. Aloe vera has been shown help long hair stay strong. Instead of the odd chemical residue that brands can add to your hair for strength, why not get results directly from the source?

3. Take fish oil

This is one smelly supplement I wish I could take! Some people may find fish oil a bit difficult on the stomach, so be sure to take it with food. However, fish oil actually works—just think of the iridescent shine fish have on their scales. While the oil will not turn you into a fish, it can create similar effect seen through hair, skin, and nails.

4. Give your hairdryer a break

Everyone knows that hair damage is often caused by heat. However, did you know that you can cause damage just by harshly blowing air through your hair while utilizing a brush in the opposite direction? Towel-dry your hair on the weekends, and indulge in a more leisurely routine.

5. Try cold showers

When completing my thesis in Nicaragua, I was certainly roughing it. Living in very harsh conditions where the Peace Corps were once stationed, everyday life presented constant challenges. However, on the plane home, I spoke with countless Americans who had traveled there for humanitarian purposes or just international travel. Those who lived outside of Managua (the capitol) all gossiped about how fantastic their hair looked! The freezing cold showers that most people dreaded actually signaled to people on the plane how long you had been in the country.

6. Ditch the brush

If you can’t go without a hairdryer for a day, then go without a brush! Only use a brush once your hair is already dry, and use a very large comb on wet hair for untangling purposes. When you dry your hair and comb it through your fingers, the hair shaft seals itself a bit easier after a shower, leading to silkier hair.

7. Apply an overnight mask

As long as you plan on showering the next morning, this is one fun trick you should definitely try. Popular in France, moisturizing hair-masks can be used during sleep. You can use shea butter directly on the scalp at night. This treatment is particularly useful during the dry winter months.

8. Use beer

This is a remedy your parents may have used at home. Some German salons actually use a beer rinse on their clients! This is certainly not the smell you want if you are going back to work after lunch, but the rinse is certainly effective.

9. Do a weekly olive oil treatment

Rake through about a tablespoon of olive oil through your hair once a week. In Style claims that this Italian remedy really works. Plus, most people already have olive oil around the house.

10. Avoid harsh chemicals

More shampoo brands are marketing their product lines without sulfates and other harsh chemicals. Take a look at the listed ingredients on your shampoo bottle. When in doubt, just ask yourself: how many of these ingredients have I actually heard of? If your answer is less than three, then go for one of the labeled, sulfate-free brands.

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