10 Dry Skin Remedies

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Dry Skin Remedies

Let’s face it, dry skin can be a real bummer. Fret not, dear readers, as I have some tried and true tips that won’t break the bank or put a dent in your social schedule. When it comes to skincare, less is more, and as a licensed esthetician, I’m here to help. Here are ten of my best suggestions.

1. Cool it

Warm water is your best bet when bathing. While a scorching hot shower may sound like a treat post-workout, the truth is that super-hot water strips natural oils from your skin. These are important oils that help maintain a natural protective boundary on the epidermis (i.e. the skin’s top layer). Warm water is the way to go, but try ending your shower with a quick, cold blast to stimulate circulation.

2. Oil it up

Natural oils such as olive, almond and coconut are the best facial cleansers on earth. I stopped using store-bought facewash years ago, and my skin has never been better. Apply a teaspoon of oil all over your face, then remove it using a warm, wet facecloth. Work in gentle, circular motions and your skin will glow!

3. Natural lip balm saves the day

Find a DIY natural lip balm recipe online and whip up a batch, or look for natural balm at a health food store. Avoid toxic balms—after all, this stuff winds up in your mouth. Never apply a balm with ingredients you wouldn’t be able to eat.

4. Use a humidifier

I travel every 7 days and, alas, cannot keep a humidifier with me. Back home, I always used a humidifier in my bedroom. Let me tell you, your skin is way suppler during the winter months when you use one. No need to spend a ton, either—just be sure to keep it clean and you’re good to go.

5. Exfoliate properly

Fine exfoliants such as baking soda, pulverized chickpea flour or milled flax are excellent face and body exfoliants. Combine few spoonfuls with olive or almond oil, and apply in a circular motion all over your body during your next shower. Rinse, then apply a few drops of oil after you’ve toweled off.

6. Spritz on some rosewater

Rosewater is available at most pharmacies and health food stores. Spritz it all over your face and body after your bath to smell and feel amazing. Check out my article on rosewater’s many benefits here: http://www.lovelivehealth.com/amazing-benefits-rosewater/

7. Hydrate your insides

Up your intake of B-complex vitamins, along with vitamins A, C and D, and use a little real olive, flax or coconut oil in your next smoothie. Lubricate your insides to keep the body a-glowing from the inside out!

8. Fruit masks

Mashed avocado, banana or pumpkin make for excellent, all-natural face treatments. Simply apply some of the mashed fruit to your freshly washed face (you used oil, right?), and lie down for 10-15 minutes. Remove with plenty of warm (not hot) water, and blot dry with a clean cloth.

9. Pat, don’t scrub

After a bath, always pat your skin dry. Your body is not a car or house made of aluminum siding. Gently patting ourselves down with thick, fluffy towels is a nice way to keep winter skin soft. Apply a natural oil or moisturizer directly after drying off.

10. Ditch toxic laundry detergent

Our skin is our body’s largest organ. It absorbs toxic fragrances and additives, so why would you want to wash your clothes in nasty, chemical-laden detergents? Opt for all-natural laundry detergents and avoid the possibility of aggravating skin conditions such as rosacea and eczema.

Don’t let ads tell you to run to the mall and load up on lab-created face and body wash. All you need is a little oil, some fruit and more TLC for healthy, dewy skin this winter. Feel free to comment or ask me for more advice here: barrebellayoga.tumblr.com