10 Herbal Remedies to Stabilize Your Thyroid

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Thyroid conditions are often undiagnosed because many of their symptoms, such as weight gain, depression or fatigue, are similar to those of other disorders. If you suspect you have a thyroid problem, it’s important to have a have a thyroid function blood test before using any herbal remedies. Some herbs that are helpful for hypothyroidism could be harmful for hyperthyroidism and vice-versa. Here are ten of the best herbs for relieving thyroid-related symptoms.

1. Bugleweed

10 Herbs to Stabilize Your Thyroid bugleweed
Bugleweed, also known as Gypsywort, is thought to reduce the body’s production of thyroid hormone. A study involving 403 patients with mild hyperthyroidism found that eight weeks of treatment with an extract of bugleweed (Lycopus europaeus) led to a statistically significant and clinically relevant improvement in symptoms. Do not take bugleweed if you have an enlarged thyroid or hypothyroidism.

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