The 10 “Must-Haves” To Be Successful While Working at Home

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2. A door with a lock

So you’ve set up a home office complete with a desk, a comfy office chair, the latest ergonomic keyboard, and speedy WiFi connections and hotspots. Maybe you’ve even got a nice Bluetooth stereo system and Alexa on hand to help you with your work. What’s more, the rest of your home is free from work clutter: so your living room can be used for lounging, you’ll take your meals in the dining room, and you don’t wake up to a pile of papers and a laptop instead of your spouse.

Well done! Time to hammer through that work, right?

Not quite! Unfortunately, all of this careful preparation might not be enough to stop members of your household from interrupting you. You can try setting scheduled work times when you’re not to be bothered, but it’s best to get a locking door to keep would-be “intruders”—albeit ones you love–at bay.

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