10 Ways to Be Healthier Right Now

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10 Ways to Be Healthier Right Now

There’s nothing better than feeling well—it’s hands down the best thing on earth. Think about what it’s like to be tired, hungover, cranky, drained and worn out from life. It happens to us all, and while we may not be able to control certain outside factors, we can take charge of several major aspects of our health. Glowing skin, bright eyes and limitless positivity and energy await if you’re willing to make some changes.

Many of you may already live a healthy lifestyle; please share these tips with anyone you know who might need a little help navigating the path to getting healthy.

1. Try an alcohol detox

It’s difficult to turn down the offer to grab a quick drink after work or at happy hour, but it’s not impossible. I once went without alcohol for four years straight, by choice. I felt great and looked pretty darn good, too. My blood work was amazing and my western doctor said I probably added ten years to my life!

When you cut out alcohol, your skin looks better, you sleep better, you lose weight and you lower your cholesterol. Your liver fat levels drop, and work performance increases thanks to a boost in concentration and wakefulness. If those aren’t enough reasons to cut out alcohol, quitting booze stops tormenting your kidneys and lymph system. Healthy elimination stops tired, clogged, blemished skin in its tracks, too. Alcohol makes your face puffy and bloated, so opt for mineral water or some green tea instead.

2. Cut out processed foods

Open your refrigerator and cupboards and toss or donate any processed foods right now. Sticking to a diet of whole foods without preservatives, filers and artificial colors will instantly boost your energy levels and help with mood stability. Stop buying packaged foods labelled “light” or “diet” and stock your fridge with fresh, colorful veggies instead.

Foods loaded with sugar, corn syrup and white flour don’t nourish you. Stop using artificial sweeteners while you’re at it, too. Don’t bring toxic foods into your home and you won’t have access to them late at night when you’re prone to emo-eat and overindulge.

3. Eat way more greens

It’s as easy as adding a handful of spinach to a cup of soup, smoothie, or on top of a pizza. Add greens to as many meals as possible, and reap the benefits of chlorophyl and antioxidants every day. Check out my article on some of the best leafy greens here: http://www.lovelivehealth.com/7-best-leafy-greens/ Opt for less fruit smoothies and switch to green ones instead; you’ll be able to take your greens to go!

4. Eat mindfully

Some people pray before their meals, which is lovely. If you sit and thank the person who prepared your meal before you inhale it, you’re also forced to stop and really appreciate the food in front of you. Eat slowly, sitting down, and turn off electronic devices during meals. Chew your food slowly and allow your palette to truly taste the ingredients, feel the textures and enjoy your meals. Try not to eat in your car or running out the door. Give thanks to the farmers who grew and harvested your ingredients, and each meal can become a gift. Plus, you tend to eat less when sitting down, so that’s an added perk.

5. Make sleep a priority

If you have trouble sleeping like I do, invest in a white noise machine, eye mask and some very comfy pajamas. Buy a silk or super high thread count cotton pillowcase and treat yourself to a nice, soft robe. Apply a bit of lavender oil or lotion before bed and establish a bedtime ritual where computers, phones and TVs are switched off at least twenty minutes before bedtime. Don’t watch the news right before bed, as disturbing images will affect your subconscious, leading to nightmares. Skip caffeine for at least eight hours prior to bedtime and avoid eating anything a few hours before you hit the hay.

6. Cut out stressful people and situations

It’s easier said than done, but look at who you’re spending time with and make sure that they’re lifting you up, not dragging you down. If you’ve got an emotional vampire in your life, either cut them out completely as an act of self-preservation, or try to talk things through. Let them know that you’d like to make things healthier for you both, and if the relationship is meant to be then they’ll find a way to be less negative so that you can move forward together. Avoid hanging out at places that stress you out, too. Sometimes changing to a new gym, yoga studio or even bookstore will bring in fresh energy and break you out of stagnant routines.

7. Wear less makeup

Dermatologists and estheticians agree—parabens found in most cosmetics build up throughout the day, clogging pores and dulling the complexion. Wearing loads of face makeup such as concealer and foundation leads to collagen breaking down and loss of elasticity. I’ve always been an advocate of wearing only eye and lip color with perhaps a touch of blush. Foundation and concealers feel sticky, get flaky and destroy your own natural, healthy beautiful skin. Spend time and money on skincare, not masking problem areas, and you’ll have glowing, healthy skin in no time.

8. Add tea to your routine and kiss coffee goodbye

Research conducted by the National Cancer Institute at the NIH showed that antioxidant-rich tea contains polyphenols, which potentially aid cancer prevention. Vitamins, minerals and antioxidants found in tea all aid in preventing free radical damage. Fresh brewed, hot teas contain the most polyphenols and green teas have the highest concentration, so head to a tea shop and pick up a few different varieties.

9. Turn off your phone

Has looking at your social media feed ever bummed you out? Studies are proving that people do indeed get depressed from comparing themselves to others on social media, so put down the phone and enjoy the 3D world for a while every day. Take a breather for a few hours a day and focus on reading something new, taking a walk or cooking a meal from scratch. Give your brain a break and remember that we all put our best, filtered photos online. Don’t let fantasy mess with your reality.

10. Try meditation and yoga

Yoga and meditation saved my life and continue to save my life every day. They’re both becoming increasingly popular, and classes can be found in churches, gyms, libraries and—of course—for free online. Try a few different teachers and styles, then see what makes you feel the best. You need not be flexible to start yoga, as I mention in this article: http://www.lovelivehealth.com/yoga-for-inflexible-people/

It’s not that hard to get on track with taking better care of yourself. Don’t worry about fad diets and crazy celebrity health trends. With some discipline and self-love, you can use some of the pointers listed in this article and go from there. Here’s to your health!