10 Ways to Stay Entertained on a Road Trip

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10 Ways to Stay Entertained on a Road Trip

Road trips have many advantages over other forms of travel—the setting offers an easy way to bond with passengers, as well as a much cheaper method of getting to your destination. However, nothing challenges patience quite like the duration of a long car ride. In order to get the most out of your time on the road, here are ten fun ideas to keep you wishing your trip was much longer!

1. Noise-canceling headphones

Multiple people in the car often means arguments over entertainment. Go ahead and let your dad listen to Steve Martin play the banjo! With comfortable (and often affordable) noise-canceling headphones, you can provide your own entertainment—even if it is just much-needed silence!

2. Saga game apps

Depending upon the length of your road trip, you may finish a fun iPhone or Android app game on your smartphone with driving time to spare. Download the saga games that keep you challenged and entertained when you reach a new level. Good examples include Pet Rescue Saga and Diamond Mines.

3. Seated Exercises

Clench your buttocks muscles and hold for a count of ten, then repeat three sets. If you have room, then you can also do small arm circles with one arm outstretched to the side. Do twenty, and then repeat in the other direction.

4. Not your normal snack

Road trip snacks should make you look forward to being stuck in the car. Get treats from local stores that make homemade items, such as maple sugar candy! Try specialty popcorn and other snacks that are easy to eat in the car. Even bananas make a great snack on the road. Just be sure to bring a Ziploc bag to avoid the banana peel smell!

5. Audiobooks

Most audiobooks on CD are now digital. Download something like the Overdrive app for your local library. Utilize your Bluetooth capability on your cell phone, and enjoy it for free!

6. Get themed music

Embrace time travel! Go back to the brooding 1990s for a day, or try out some old movie soundtracks. Make your car into something Marty McFly would be proud of.

7. Activities for kids

Children need actual activities (apart from technology) in order to stay entertained. Try coloring books with an attached invisible-ink marker to avoid the mess, cat’s cradle, classic car games like I Spy, joke books, or Mad Libs.

8. Stop at landmarks

Instead of service stations, check out the giant billboard’s suggestion to visit Grampa’s Cheese Barn in the Midwest (it’s a real place!), or stop at other exits that offer small-town charm and homemade food.

9. Go old school

Believe it or not, the world once existed without television! Embrace what people once found entertaining. For example, find old radio programs that include sound effects. You will feel as if you are right in the middle of a play.

10. Get cozy

Finally, check out websites like www.relaxtheback.com—they sell comfortable items for the car. As a passenger, why not bring a pillow and blanket from home? That way, if all else fails, dreams can be pretty entertaining!