13 Home Remedies for Diverticulitis

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After age 60, many people have one or more ‘pouches’ in their large intestines, but these don’t interfere with digestive function. However, if the pouches become inflamed, diverticulitis develops and you may experience painful diarrhea, a high fever and severe cramps. If you suspect diverticulitis, talk to your doctor about antibiotics to avoid potential complications. However, there are also some highly effective home remedies that are well worth trying if you are prone to diverticulitis. Here are thirteen of the best.

1. Take probiotics


As you probably know, probiotics are ‘good’ bacteria that support stomach and intestinal function. Since these bacteria are great at keeping potentially dangerous bacteria in check, they may help to get rid of microbes causing inflammation at the edges of diverticular pouches. While the jury is out on whether probiotics are effective in treating diverticulitis, it’s easy to get a daily dose through live yogurt, and there are even some delicious brands of chocolate that include these friendly microbes.

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