5 Reasons Social Media is Good for You

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5 Reasons Social Media is Good for You

Just about anywhere you go these days, most people will have their heads down as they look at the screen of a smartphone offering up various social media apps that connect them with the outside world within seconds. The average American spends over 21 hours a week on social media, and job productivity reports show losses of up to $178 Billion for internet misuse. However, in all the negative attention given to social media, many of the significant positives are missed. Here are five reasons why social media can actually be good for you.

1. Keeping in touch with family and friends

Two-thirds of those logging into social media are using it to keep in touch with loved ones. With jobs and school taking us far from home, just a click lets us read the latest and greatest updates from the lives of our loved ones. Easily sharing photos of everything from graduations to vacations and the birth of new babies is also a highlight of these networking sites. Free photo storage space is an added bonus on sites like Facebook.

2. Job networking

Gone are the days of mailing a long-form application, résumé and cover letter in hopes of it landing in the right hands. This can all be done easily (and within moments) over email or through embedded forms on social networking sites. With 94% of job recruiters active on LinkedIn and 76% of those conducting job searches on social media subsequently finding employment through Facebook, it’s clear that using social media can be a great way to advance your career. Just remember to be mindful of what you post and who can see it!

3. Keeping up on current events

One of the easiest ways to keep up with current events is to log into your favorite social media site. News travels extra fast via the internet and you get the added bonus of being exposed to what is happening not only in your own backyard, but worldwide. Further, a simple hashtag search provides you with limitless information beyond corporate news sources; people all across the globe are constantly sharing their photos, opinions and experiences.

4. Reunions

We have all logged onto the internet and seen someone holding up a sign asking for help in finding a long-lost friend, love, relative or pet. Many of us have even shared those photos in our own feeds. The power of social media has a vast scope, and reunions that once seemed impossible are now a reality thanks to this reach.

5. Philanthropy

In the last five years, fundraising revenue over the internet has doubled thanks to the utilization of social media; those who use it vs. those who don’t show a 40% greater yield in results. Thanks to social media, the popular Ice-Bucket Challenge raised over $100m in 2014, and awareness of ALS is now at an all-time high. With over two billion active social media accounts, calls to action for fundraising grow more widespread each day—and social media users are answering.