5 Remedies That Can Be Made from Common Flowers

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5 Remedies That Can Be Made from Common Flowers

Some of the most well-known (and unfamiliar) weeds have impressive healing qualities. Flowers offer a unique way to utilize the natural world in order to improve health. In addition, flower remedies are not limited to treating the common cold or other physical ailments—many flowers have psychological healing properties.

Flowers are easily harvested through the sun method. This merely requires picking flowers and then floating them in 3 fluid oz. of mineral or spring water for three hours in the sunshine. The water is then filtered and added to just 1 ½ fl. oz. of brandy, which acts as a preservative and ensures that just two drops of the mixture can help ailments for years. Other methods for using flowers include aromatherapy. Instead of spending money on expensive, organic essential oils, simply pick the flowers and dry them for a similar effect.

1. Self-pity

The beautiful weeping willow tree offers its owners more than just a pretty landscape. During the spring and summer, flowers from the tree can be boiled and mixed in brandy to achieve a temporary cure for feelings of bitterness. Life does not spare even the most angelic person from suffering, and the lessons learned do improve quality of life. However, these trials and tribulations can feel frustrating or irritating. These flowers are believed to promote a positive outlook during these difficult times.

2. Curing Commitment Phobia

Wedding bush flowers are believed to cure commitment phobic people. This bush received its name many centuries of using its flowers during wedding ceremonies. Truthfully, wedding bush flowers are known to help cure other types of commitment phobias aside from just those associated with relationships. For example, many people find it difficult to finish long-term projects, and may even procrastinate in order to avoid the associated commitment. Life experiences may cause some people to view commitment as a type of burden—commitment often requires a sense of responsibility and accountability, which can lead to fear. If you feel like your boyfriend may never propose, then why not try this remedy? Just make sure to tell the poor guy before you put drops of wedding bush flower liquid into his water!

3. Depression without cause

As mentioned above, many people face psychological challenges during difficult events. Flowers from the mustard plant are used for the feeling of depression that is not necessarily caused by any particular experience of adversity. Some people may feel down for no particular reason without ever understanding the cause. Of course, the cause of this scary feeling should be investigated if low mood is pervasive. In the meantime (or if this feeling is unusual for you), mustard flowers can actually restore your sense of joy.

4. Exhaustion of the workaholic

Even those who don’t enjoy working long hours may be expected to burn the candle at both ends in the workplace. Those who work from home or find themselves spent through constant housework or childcare are not immune to exhaustion that can lead to a sense of dread about work itself. Olive trees provide more than just great cooking oil—their flowers can be utilized through the sun method for a cure for exhaustion. If you don’t plan on traveling to Europe anytime soon, olive trees are known to thrive in warm climates (from Georgia to California).

5. A low libido

The cause of a low sex drive varies among men and women. For example, stress and some prescription medications can affect libido. Also, as much as society often avoids discussion of the issue, past sexual trauma is so common that most people feel a low libido at times. According to the National Center for Victims of Crime, “1 in 5 girls and 1 in 20 boys is a victim of sexual child abuse.” Many people do not realize that the trauma may still have an impact on their lives years later. The wisteria flower not only increases libido, but also makes people feel safe and comfortable. This feeling of safety has the power to completely alter a person’s outlook regarding sexual encounters. Wisteria can help foster a sense of intimacy and connection, which can help in overcoming any lingering hesitations.

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