7 Reasons You Should Start Drinking Maple Water

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7 Reasons You Should Start Drinking Maple Water

Health food stores are not the only businesses to stock maple water on their shelves. The maple water trend is gaining momentum, so you could see this product in your local grocery store. The bottled water industry continues to grow (regardless of access to clean tap water), but this has created an opportunity for companies to become creative.

Natural liquids like coconut water are emerging in the bottled water market. If you want to pay for water, then why not make the item worth the price? Maple water is perfect for those who enjoy the benefits of additives and vitamins in water, offering them in a natural, delicious way—there is nothing added to maple water! Here are just some of the reasons you should look into this tasty product.

1. You know what you are drinking

Are you familiar with chemicals like arsenic, manganese, and coliform? According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), these troubling ingredients are present in many bottled waters. For more information, please refer to: http://www.lovelivehealth.com/why-companies-add-salt-to-bottled-water/.

Are you wondering about the ingredients in maple water? Water harvested in the spring from maple trees contains one ingredient—itself.

2. It contains 46 vitamins

According to the organization DrinkMaple, maple water contains 46 vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. These remarkable properties result from the fact that maple trees absorb water underground, which already contains natural minerals and vitamins that are beneficial to both trees and people.

3. The electrolyte master

Electrolytes are incredibly important to rejuvenate you, helping to maintain a healthy pH in your body. However, it’s time to ditch the Gatorade, with its color and sugar additives—maple water does not have to add salt or any other ingredient, because nature already provides these health benefits to the tree.

4. Ongoing sustainable water

As our planet’s natural resources continue to decrease, sustainable resources become increasingly important to future generations. Maple water offers an ongoing (i.e. sustainable) source of water. The harvest of maple water during the spring does not cause any harm to the tree. In fact, the same tree can continue to provide water for years. Perhaps this fact may even inspire people to plant more maple trees.

5. Tasty water

Your first sip of maple water may confuse your taste buds. “Where are the pancakes?” your brain might ponder. The water is not very sweet, but it does have the faint taste of a delicious breakfast. When working on my 5-day fast article, this was the only liquid I became excited about! To learn more about how maple water benefitted me during this time, see: http://www.lovelivehealth.com/llh-reports-journal-of-a-5-day-fast/

6. Contains less natural sugar than other natural forms of water

Other natural forms of water include coconut water, which actually has a higher sugar content than maple water. When sugar is added to any beverage, the FDA requires the caloric intake listed on the bottle. Maple water does not add sugar. Some brands do list the amount of natural sugar within the water for those who must watch their sugar intake, but perhaps the obsession of counting calories should not apply to Mother Nature’s purest offerings—if the water containing essential vitamins and minerals is good enough for a tree, it is likely good enough for someone on a diet.

For those with diabetes and other health conditions, the natural sugar in maple water may provide a way of enjoying some of the delights of maple syrup without the health risk. However, if you suffer from a health condition then it’s crucial that you first consult your doctor when adding more sugar to your diet (however small the addition).

7. Just about anyone with allergies can drink it!

Many people who have diet restrictions may feel a bit discouraged sometimes. It becomes difficult to find new and exciting food and drinks that your body can tolerate. Luckily, maple water is gluten-free, contains no dairy products, and is vegan. As a bonus, maple water is not genetically modified.

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