7 Things You Do Alone that Are More Normal Than You Think

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If you’ve ever wondered if it’s normal that you engage in certain behaviors whenever you’re by yourself, you’re not alone. But rest assured, unless you’re engaging in something truly bizarre or highly inappropriate, your actions when you’re alone are likely more normal than you think.

Looking into these seven common behaviors will make you realize that there’s nothing strange about what you do when no one else is around.

1. Take selfies galore


Lots of people cringe when they see other people take selfies. Some individuals can’t even stand the word! But get that person alone, and it could be an entirely different story. If you take selfies like there’s no tomorrow when you’re by yourself (i.e. more than you do when you’re out with friends), you’re not alone. Without any judgmental eyes around, it’s easy to snap pictures of yourself while you wear different outfits or try various hairstyles.

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