7 Ways to Cut Through the Clutter and Lead a Productive Life

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1. Take care of yourself

This is number one. Half the time, anxiety results from running yourself ragged physically, emotionally, and mentally. You need to think about what you’re doing in your life and what you’re actually getting out of it.

When you’re stretched too thin between working, caring for a family, and giving time to everyone else in your life, you’re going to wear yourself out. What are you really getting out of all these obligations? Nothing but more stress.

You need to stop. You need to take care of yourself. Start saying no to obligations that bring you no joy or fulfillment. When your boss asks you to work late nights or weekends, say no. When your kids want to add more activities to the schedule, say no (limit them to just one favorite each semester, season, or year).

When family members or friends treat you like their personal favor machine, tell them no. You don’t need any explanation, but if they press you, simply say you need some time for yourself. End of story.

Take time to enjoy your meals, get a full night’s rest (every night), get to the gym or jog with a friend, schedule a date night with your spouse, and take up a hobby that you haven’t had time for in years. You know what will happen? Your mood will improve, and so will your overall productivity.

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