8 Foods that Naturally Improve Bad Breath

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Let’s face it, bad breath happens to everyone. Upwards of 25% of Americans experience bad breath that lingers throughout the day, and several billion dollars are spent annually on products designed to fight the offensive odors. However, many of these products include less than desirable chemicals. Since an increasing amount of people are concerned with the ingredients they ingest or apply to their skin, it’s good to know there are ways to fend off bad breath just by going to your local health food or grocery store!

Here’s a rundown of eight fantastic foods that naturally improve bad breath.

1. Coconut oil

naturally improve bad breath coconut oil

From using it in healthy cooking to slathering it onto skin as part of a beauty routine, many people are turning to coconut oil. There’s been a great deal of information about the oil pulling trend, for example, in which individuals swish the oil in their mouths for several minutes in an effort to draw out toxins from the body. Because impurities that are linked to bad breath are thought to be removed in this way, holistic experts say coconut oil also cleans the mouth of bacteria and parasites that lead to foul odors. As a bonus, those who’ve tried oil pulling also maintain that the act strengthens teeth and improves overall health.

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