8 Reasons Why a Dairy-Free Diet Might be Worth Trying

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Fairy has been linked to positive health effects in infants, and can certainly provide vital nutrients like calcium, protein, and Vitamin D. However, many people experience negative side effects after consuming dairy–and some people have dairy so often that they don’t even realize the negative side effects, or have lived with them so long that they think it’s normal to feel bloated, congested, or gassy after a meal. Here are 8 reasons why 30 days of a dairy-free diet might be worth trying.

1. Fewer stomach pains


If you regularly experience discomfort in your stomach after eating dairy, you may want to remove it from your diet and log changes in your symptoms. In order to digest dairy, your system relies on an enzyme called lactase to break down the lactose sugar in dairy products like cheese, yogurt, and milk. However, some people do not have as much of this enzyme, making dairy products difficult to digest.

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