9 Home Remedies for Styes

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If you’ve ever had a stye, you’ll know just how unpleasant these eye infections can be. A stye presents with a sore red lump on the eyelid, making it painful to blink or move your eye. Thankfully, most stye infections heal on their own after a few days of discomfort, coming to a head and eventually rupturing. While it is not advisable to squeeze or burst a stye manually, you can speed up the healing process by trying some of these nine popular home remedies. However, if you get styes frequently then and your doctor may suggest taking antibiotics or using an antibiotic cream instead.

1. Warm compress

warm compress home remedies for styes

This is probably the most common remedy for a stye. Simply dip a clean cloth into hot, sterile water, wring the cloth to get rid of excess liquid, and apply it to the affected eye area for 10-15 minutes. You can do this up to four times a day, helping the stye come to a head more quickly and reducing the pain associated with inflammation. However, be careful to keep your eye closed when using a warm compress.

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