What Does Your Body Shape Say About You?


We all know that our body shape is partly based on hereditary factors, and partly on lifestyle, including diet and exercise. However, it often seems that our bodies have a preferred shape, and a size/weight at which they’re comfortable.

Our bodies also change as we age, and hormones can play a role, as well. What if your body shape could tell you more, though?

It’s not much of a stretch to assume that your body shape could give you clues to future health concerns, but what if it could be used to learn things about your personality? What if it could give you clues about the type of people you’re likely to be attracted to?

Incredibly, body shapes could tell us all kinds of things about people just by looking at them. Several studies have found correlations between body types and health, personality, and preferences. Take a look and see how well these assessments match your body type.

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