What Does Your Body Shape Say About You?

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If your body tends to stay on the slender side, it could say something not only about your health, but also about personality type. Interestingly, this could be affected by your height and whether or not you also tend to have an athletic build.

For example, people who are merely thin are thought to be somewhat introverted, or at least less outgoing than their rounder counterparts. They are, however, organized and disciplined.

Even though the slender types are terribly conscientious, they’re often perceived as being somewhat self-centered and controlling. Perhaps this is because they want those around them to be happy or maybe it’s because they’re simply not as sensitive to other body types, having never dealt with extra pounds before – it probably depends on the person.

If you happen to be on the statuesque side, however, you’re likely to have a lot of energy and stamina, and enjoy physical activity. You’re also more likely to be thoughtful and creative. Unlike those who are merely slender, people view you less as conceited and more as chic and intense.

The caution for those with a tall banana shape is that they might not see their own value. Despite your youthful demeanor and athleticism, you might have some issues with confidence, and accept less when you could get more.

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