Great Clothing Tips to Appear Thinner

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Great Clothing Tips to Appear Thinner

In less than a year, I gained over twenty pounds due to a health condition. As a woman who has small bones and is 5’2” on a good day, any weight gain tends to show. However, no one noticed apart from my doctor—not even my family and friends. So, how did I manage to do this? This article will teach you some of the greatest tips I learned from Harper’s Bazaar and body shape calculators.

Know Your Body

Even supermodels feel self-conscious about little things. There is no such thing as perfection, so work to accept yourself for who you are. For example, actor Kristen Stewart has stated that she feels self-conscious about her large ears. Considering that this young girl wears around a size zero to two, this insecurity shows that even the ideal Hollywood body type does not prevent anyone from worrying about their appearance.

Tackling your insecurities remains important. In the meantime, you can dress to turn the parts you don’t like into positive attributes. You can take your insecurities and use that knowledge to your advantage. However, you don’t have to focus on your securities! Try this free body shape calculator: This is a fun way to discover your overall shape, so you can highlight the things you love most about your body.


My health condition caused weight gain in my stomach. This was new for me, as I tend to follow in the footsteps (or pant size!) of my ancestors and gain weight in the hips. It’s good to be aware that you have plenty of options here—not just Spanx. You can encase yourself in any new form of the corset that you wish, but will you feel comfortable? Instead of torturing yourself, just look for clothing that fits loosely around the hips. This A-line design will naturally flow over your chest to create a loose, comfortable fit. Remember, the tighter the clothing, the more likely you will draw attention to that particular area.


Buy pants that fit. Do not feel bad if you no longer fit into your smallest size. You will look thinner if you have clothing with extra material as opposed to material that cannot stretch another inch. Black truly is a slimming color, so stick to black, charcoal, and other deep hues.

The skinny jean trend can be extremely irritating for those who actually have hips and a curved shape. Thankfully, some brands are beginning to sell boot cut jeans once again. Nordstom carries quite a few boot cut jeans for this fall season. Balance out the curve from your hips to a more flared look at the bottom of your pants. Pockets are not friends to those with more voluptuous behinds, so if you do buy jeans with pockets, be sure that the pockets are not small. Pockets with flaps or designs will only draw attention to that area and make you appear larger.


Alterations in your arms are just part of the aging process. Many women feel exasperated when they begin to lose muscle tone in their biceps. Buy tops that show off your shoulders. You do not have to show lots of skin to appear attractive. One of the great trends for fall is the cape dress. This cape idea shows your forearms and keeps your arms relaxed at your sides. There are also beautiful tops that are slit from the shoulder to the elbow, which exposes just the top of your upper arm. Try not to look at your arms and think of what you dislike. Instead, look at the parts of your arms that you do enjoy, and highlight them to your advantage.

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