Skin Tag Home Remedies

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4. Oil of oregano

oil of oregano remedies skin tags

Many people have successfully removed their skin tags with oil of oregano. This oil can cause redness and irritation, so protect the skin surrounding the tag by coating it with almond oil.

Use a cotton swab to dab oil of oregano directly on the skin tag twice a day. Small tags may drop off in as little as three days, but larger ones may require a month of treatment.

5. Dandelion milk

dandelion milk remedies skin tags

The milky liquid from dandelion stems is a traditional home remedy for warts and some herbalists say that it works for skin tags too. Squeeze a thick dandelion stem to extract the juice.

Apply the liquid to the skin tag and cover it with an adhesive bandage. Repeat four times a day until the tag comes off along with the bandage.

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