Natural Remedies for Motion Sickness

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Natural Remedies for Motion Sickness

Have you ever turned down an exciting day on a boat, or said no to a great road trip? Those who experience motion sickness tend to miss out on fun opportunities, and this difficult condition strikes women and children most of all. Most know about the common sense cures—avoid reading in the car, get fresh air, and so on. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggest advoiding activities that can lead to motion sickness regardless—so, even common sense practices, motion sickness still seems inevitable. However, what if you didn’t have to turn down that exciting invitation?

As it turns out, nature provides many remedies for motion sickness. This is unsurprising, as most medication is derived from the healing properties of natural remedies. For example, aspirin was created from the positive effects of white willow bark. White willow bark, however, has far fewer side effects—as do many other cures from nature. Before turning down a fun trip, take a look into some of the following cures for motion sickness.


Many people turn to the effective over-the-counter drug Dramamine to help with motion sickness, but its benefits are limited to children over two and only ease certain symptoms. Further, Dramamine is an antihistamine, which means that it stops certain symptoms that occur through your body’s production of histamines, such as a stuffy nose and itchy eyes.

Ginger, on the other hand, does not stop your body from producing its natural chemicals. In addition, travel sickness is comprised of more than just the symptoms caused by histamines, so ginger’s natural healing may be more effective for this type of health issue. If you do not have fresh ginger handy, then pack a treat of crystallized ginger for the road. Ginger is known for its reduction of nausea symptoms without side effects. Try this delicious snack instead of suffering!

Angelica leaves

The leaves of this plant are incredibly versatile. If you are dreading a long car-ride, then hang the leaves upside-down in your car for their beneficial aroma. The leaves can also be chewed (fresh, not dried) for maximum benefits. If you do decide to hang the leaves in your car, then you can pick a leaf off every so often and snack on it like you would with a bunch of grapes.

The root of the plant has many beneficial properties as well—it can decrease fevers, indigestion, cough, menstrual cramps and weaknesses in the body. However, it has a high amount of sugar, so be mindful of your intake if you have diabetes.


Motion sickness can be extremely stressful—there is nothing quite like the experience of feeling singled-out during an event where you are supposed to be having a wonderful time. If you begin to feel irritable or even overtired from fighting your symptoms, then try arnica. Arnica (also known as Leopard’s Bane, Mountain Tobacco and Sneezewort) is a plant that originates in Eastern Europe. Now available in most health food stores, it can help you with everything from feelings of impatience to body chills without a fever.


Stomach cramps and nausea can eventually lead to stomach irritation and pain. Thankfully, peppermint eases stomach pain quickly. The leaves of the plant can be chewed for quick relief. If, like most people, you do not carry around a potted plant of peppermint when you travel, then keep some peppermint tea bags on hand. You can easily add ice water for a refreshing drin,k or hot water if you have access to it.

Calcarea and borax

Homeopathic medicine believes that like cures like. In extremely diluted dosages, the things that can bring about symptoms are the exact things that can cure symptoms. Think of homeopathy as a vaccine—s flu vaccine puts just enough virus into your system that your body can fight the infection without experiencing the symptoms. Calcarea and borax work the same way for dizziness. Calcarea is actually made from mother-of-pearl, and it can help ease dizziness that worsens when you look up. Borax, in the same way, can help cure symptoms that are worse when you look or move down. On the water, many people feel sick when the boat seems to freefall downward with each small wave. If that is the case, then borax is your new best friend.

With these natural cures on hand, you don’t have to say no to fun experiences due to irritating symptoms! Just prepare for them ahead of time so you can enjoy your life.

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