Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Colon

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Spring has sprung, as the old adage goes. With the change of season comes increasing interest in starting fresh. Painting your bedroom, trying out a new hairstyle, and cleaning your closet are great ways to feel refreshed and renewed. How about a spring cleaning for your body, too?

Fret not, dear reader, as I’m not advocating anything too drastic here. Some simple diet and lifestyle tweaks can bring on major health benefits—particularly when it comes to our digestive health. Statistics show that colorectal cancer is one of the most common and deadly forms of malignancy. While smoking and heavy consumption of alcohol greatly increase your risk, there are other lifestyle factors that matter—and everyone should be proactive when it comes to prevention. Here are some easy to apply tips for giving your colon a tune-up this spring. As a bonus, these suggestions will also boost your general health.

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