Technology That Helps You Stay Healthy

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Technology That Helps You Stay Healthy

Technology has shaped the entire world we live in—including the medical world. Penicillin, ultrasound imaging devices, and MRI scanners have greatly changed illness detection, treatment, and prevention in hospitals and doctor’s offices. At the same time, the general population can also access technological advancements that promote a healthy lifestyle, (which is key to prevention of illnesses in the long run). Here are five of the best forms of technology that help you care for your body.

1. Enjoy free workout programs

You can bring the gym to the comfort of your own home through free workout programs. Buying DVD’s and books are no longer necessary when you can simply search the internet for Zumba routines, weight training tips, and yoga poses. Home workouts are also a favorable option for those who do not feel comfortable or confident at gyms. Further, it is more convenient to do a quick workout at home than it is to make the effort to sign up for an expensive gym and drive there every day for a workout.

One of the most well-known online fitness instructors, Cassey Ho, started her own pilates program—“Blogilates”—on her YouTube channel, which now has over 2 million subscribers. Her workout videos are complemented with workout calendars and meal plans, making it simple for anyone to get fit.

Apps like Sworkit and Yoga Studio are also convenient when you’re aiming for a quick workout or want to learn new yoga poses. Meanwhile, you can train your brain with Lumosity, an app that provides games that improve memory and attention. For those who work on computers all day and forget to give their eyes a break, it’s also worth installing EVO, an internet plug-in that prompts users to take breaks at scheduled intervals.

2. Stay motivated

Encourage yourself on your fitness journey by getting inspiration from others. Pump Up is the equivalent to Instagram for fitness enthusiasts, allowing you track your progress and meet other people who have a similar interest or goal. You can even monitor your favorite fitness activities and build new custom workouts. Another technological product that helps you stay motivated is the fitness tracker bracelet (e.g. Fit Bit, Nike + FuelBand, and Up by Jawbone). There is a growing market, and each product has unique feature—some track your sleep, while others calculate calories burned per day.

3. Track your eating habits

Simply having a hand-held digital device will help you maintain a healthy diet. Firstly, you can use the notepad function on your device to make a digital grocery list (which, unlike paper lists, is unlikely to be lost or forgotten). You can also use the notepad or food diary apps to track your every meal, making it easier to reflect on your eating habits and to find ways to improve your diet. Apps that improve your grocery shopping habits are also available. For example, Seafood Watch by the Monterey Bay Aquarium provides a guide to purchasing sustainable seafood, Seasonal and Simple encourages seasonal shopping, and Chemical Cuisine defines ingredients (making it easier to understand what manufacturers are really selling). Meanwhile, calorie counting is easy to do through the MyFitnessPal app, and technology can even help you to find healthy options when eating out (especially when traveling)—simply get hold of the HealthyOut app.

4. Track your sleep

Sleep is a crucial part of maintaining a healthy mind and body, yet many struggle to get quality sleep. Sleep Cycle is an app that will help you track your movements in bed and monitor your REM cycle (deep sleep phase), allowing you to better understand what might improve your sleep quality. Additionally, the app wakes you up when you’re in the lightest sleep stage, as this is the natural waking point.

5. Stay hydrated

Water bottles have advanced to not only contain water but to track your daily personal hydration needs, indicate how much water should be consumed each hour, make fruit-infused water, and to even remove 99.99% of bacteria in tap water. Whether the bottle is ergonomically shaped to meet your needs or includes features that fit your lifestyle, there is a water bottle out there for everyone. Find your fit and stay hydrated!