Top 10 Vinegar Home Remedies

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As you may know, vinegar is a remarkably versatile substance that can be used to clean surfaces, remove stubborn stains and discourage certain pests from visiting your garden. However, it turns out that vinegar is also a vital ingredient in a wide range of highly effective alternative treatments that can be used to banish plenty of everyday health problems. Here are ten of the most exciting and useful home remedies that use vinegar to combat common ailments.

1. Poison ivy rash treatment


The painful and itchy rash caused by contact with poison ivy is so powerfully irritating that it can be difficult to concentrate on anything. The next time you’re struggling with this problem, try soothing it with a vinegar compress. Just mix half a cup of vinegar with around a pint of cold water, then dip a cloth into the solution and apply it to the area of the rash.

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